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"I Can Destroy Your World and Never Touch Your Money"

Mark A Priganc, CITRMS

"Identity Theft is much more than a Financial Crime. An Identity Thief can steal your life and not even touch your finances.

It's no secret that Identity Theft has been on the rise for more than a decade, seeing exponential growth in the past five years alone. How secure are you? I'm willing to bet that you're not as secure as you might think.

People have been lulled into thinking that Identity Theft is someone stealing your banking information and credit cards. Others think, it won't or can't happen to them. Unfortunately, victims very quickly find out that they have no control whether it happens to them or not. Your information is already out there in other peoples hands. It isn't a matter of how careful you are with your Personally Identifying Information, it is a matter of how careless those who have your information are!"

Mark A Priganc

P.S.  Identity Theft is not a crime you can 'avoid'. Your Personally Identifying Information (PII) is already out there in the hands of people and companies that don't care about your privacy. When they loose your PII you become the helpless victim. Unless, you buy Identity Theft: Surviving The Nightmare today and start protecting what matters most- Your Good Name!


Copyright 2010, Sandy Lane Publishing, and Mark A Priganc



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If you read any of these points and they apply to you...

You are ' The Perfect Victim'


When You Buy Identity Theft: Survivng The Nightmare Today... You will get these 5 bonuses for Freee- Family Budgeting Demystified, 101 Fast Fixes To Boosting Your Credit Score, The Retirement Planning Guide, Totally Debt Free Living, and The Speed Reading Monster Course as a downloadable ebooks immediately upon completion of your order!

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The Long Awaited Release of Identity Theft: Surviving The Nightmare!

- What is Identity Theft

- What is being done to Help Victims

- The Threats, everything from Phishing to RFID, and social engineering

When you read Identity Theft: Surviving The Nightmare - you'll not only get an eye opening education on Identity Theft - You will learn some immediate action steps that will reduce the damage the thieves can do in your good name. In addition to the immediate action steps, you are also going find an extensive resource list at your finger tips. This resource list will prove to be invaluable in your efforts to restore your identity.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. When you finish reading Identity Theft: Surviving The Nightmare you will be well armed for the challenges of this crime against your good name.